Feel more safe, be more safe, with the easiest safety-button on your iPhone!

Just one click to send an emergency message immediately, with a photo and your GPS location.

Would the outcome of an attack be any different if the attacker knew his picture was being taken and sent by e-mail?

We believe so. With just one click* you can deliver potential evidence that could well determine the outcome of an attack.

When in danger, just point and touch the 1-Click SOS app*. A picture is taken immediately and sent directly to an e-mail address, together with your location and the time of the day.

  1. -Just touch the icon on the home screen

  2. -Instant e-mail a photograph of an attacker or emergency situation

  3. -Includes a Google Maps link with your GPS location


The app that may save your life!

1-Click SOS

  1. *The 1-Click SOS app is not a replacement for an emergency call. In case of emergency, an emergency telephone number always has to be called first.

  2. *Launching the app requires only 1 click. The phone may sometimes ask for one or more additional clicks, for instance to allow the use of location data.

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